Wired Goliath

It was Looprevil Radio’s Student Stations fundraising night, and Scouse Sounds got VIP access to interview Wired Goliath before they performed.

Taking to the stage, the band performed a series of their own riff-filled songs. Enjoying their music as much as the crowd did.

The band consists of Liverpool born Chris Lennon and Thom Schofield, who have performed in Liverpool’s music scene for the entirety of their musical careers. When asked what it meant to them to perform in Liverpool they said: “Well it’s our home city isn’t it, this is it. This is where our heart lies, representing.” However, the band revealed that they are planning to fly the nest with a scheduled gig down in London in the next couple of months.


The duo described their music as “riff-city” saying they thought of it as quite energetic and driving. Noting some of their artistic influences such as: The Beatles, The Hives and Jimmy Hendricks saying that they were inspired by music that makes you “move and bang your head a bit, and you get a lot of energy out of it.” Chris added: “It’s like Jeff Buckley as well though, it’s quite melodic so it’s not just heavy in the way a lot of metal music is, so it’s got a bit of a song to it I guess.”

With Chris performing on guitar and main vocals and Tom on base, their clear lyrics yet energetic music gave the crowd a night to remember. Making their riffs look easy to perform both musicians appeared to be at ease with their guitars, taking a comfortable stance and rocking in time to their songs.

With their goals set high the band’s dream place to perform would be: “any big festival like Leeds or Glastonbury.” But they are taking to the stages of  London for their first big steps.

All in all this duo know how to work the crowd and play some amazing songs, to hear more from them check out their Sound Cloud: https://soundcloud.com/wiredgoliath or follow them on twitter: @WiredGoliath.

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(*performance video provided by Wired Goliath – performed in Liverpool Zanzibar Club)