Two of Substance

The band in action

Ever heard of the band Two of Substance? Well if you haven’t, you soon will do. This talented trio are definitely on the path to success.

Having already toured as a supporting act to ‘Versus the World’, it’s time for this band to step into it’s own limelight. Tommy Haywood, Grant Sweeney and Aaron Holmes are three friends with huge talent. Despite the fact they have only been performing together for a little under 2 years, they are currently recording their future album ‘Ascended from Colours’.

Lead vocalist Tom Haywood, 22, said: “We will be going to Rockfield studios in Wales were bands such as Manics, Stone Roses and RoyalBlood have recorded so to be following their footsteps is pretty awesome.”

This trio have also made an appearance on the well known music channel ‘VEVO’ and have accumulated many fans along the way. With massive support from their family, anything is possible.

Drummer Grant Sweeney, 24, said: “My family have practically been the reason why the band has survived thus far. They have given us instruments, space to practice, let us borrow their cars, travelled up and down with us, you name it: they’ve done it.”

The band formed back in 2014 after the three decided to share their creativity. Band members Grant and Aaron have been friends since school and Tommy was later introduced after he and Grant went wrestling together.

When asked what they are most proud of, the band had mixed responses. Where Aaron is most proud of the recording he’s produced when he’s created the majority of the music, Tom was proud of everything they have achieved. Grant is extremely proud of the amount of things the band has accomplished in such a miniscule amount of time.


This band can definitely not be labelled as a ‘type’ of music, with variations from soft to rock, they excel in everything. When asked to describe their music, Aaron simply said he has no way to describe it, other than diverse.

Grant Sweeney, said: “To me, TOS’s music is probably schizophrenic but with the most sane and logical approach. You never know what you will get when one TOS song finishes and the next one starts, I love that.”

When it comes to writing lyrics, everyone has their own methods. Some are affected by life events, others just write what’s on their mind, Tom Haywood sees lyrics as telling a story in which he aims to be creative. Grant gets his inspiration from what happens in life,whether it be to him or complete strangers. However, Aaron said: “I kind of just make a tune and fit lyrics behind it… once the first line is done the rest just flows naturally.”

Everyone has their own inspirations, whether it be someone famous or someone closer to home and for whatever reason why, this person becomes your idol. With dreams of one day becoming someone else’s inspiration, Two of Substance have their own musical idols, such as David Bowie, Dave Grohl, Nivarna and John Fuvicant. All of which have had a successful musical career. Can this band step up to the mark? They are definitely heading in the right direction.

So what’s next for Two of Substance? 24 year old guitarist, Aaron Holmes, teased: “Hmmm we will have to wait and see.”

If you haven’t already listened to Two of Substance, it won’t be long before you do. The band are extremely talented and are definitely going to great places.


Where to find them:

Two of Substance’s Facebook page

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