Amber J

Performing has been a big part of Amber J’s life since she was just 11-years-old. Now, at 17, this talented teenager has gone on in leaps and bounds.

Amber’s music is very much inspired by the pop genre and that’s the direction she is thinking of going towards, however, she is open to experimenting with her songwriting at the early stage of her career, searching for her ‘sound’.

She said: “To sum my music up, I’d say my new sound is a mixture between Zara Larsson, Alessia Cara and Kehlani. I love all of their songs and how different they are to other artists.”

Amber J

She said: “Writing about your issues is not only an incredible way of getting things off of your chest, but it’s also a way of helping others that are going through the same or similar things in their life. I sometimes find it hard to truly express how I’m feeling in certain situations but music has always been amazing therapy for me.

The Liverpool teenager writes all of her own music, with everyday life and her emotions being a key factor in what shapes her music.

She said: “The song of mine that I’m really proud of right now is my latest one called Miss Invisible. The song title is pretty much self explanatory as to what it’s about, but at this present moment in my life I feel like that’s the song that describes me and what I’ve been going through the most right now.”

The Artist Development student would not have been able to pursue her dreams without a strong network of support around her.

She said: “My family and friends are incredibly supportive of my music. I’m extremely lucky to have such amazing people around me 24/7. My Mum is the most supportive person I’ve ever known, she does so much for me and if it wasn’t for her I really wouldn’t be able to do what I love. She’s always taking me back and forth to singing lessons and gigs, and she’s never once missed a performance.”

Looking to the future, Amber told Scouse Sounds: ” I will be performing at my College Singer-Songwriter Showcase called “Rare Unplugged” at Studio 2 Parr Street on 9th May, doing a couple of my originals. I’ll also be performing at the Fusion 2 Year Anniversary Show with Loyal To The People at The Zanzibar Club on 25th June, tickets are on sale now at £5, I’ll be performing a mixture of covers and originals.”

Amber has lots of other performances coming up during this year. All of the information will be posted on her Twitter and Facebook pages

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Azariah Hardy

Teenager Azariah Hardy took to the stage during an open mic night at Ameriesko, on Bold Street, and blew the audience away. With the support of her friends around her, she was in her element in the spotlight.

This 16 year old offers inspiration to all young musicians around the world to have confidence and believe in themselves. She said: “I don’t have any (influences) I am my own influence if that makes sen case.  I assure to be myself and I take influence off of myself so I don’t feel I should label myself as anyone else, it’s just me, myself.”


Although performing cover songs that night, Azariah often writes her own and is hoping to get a record deal in the near future. When asked about what inspires her to write her own lyrics she said: “Life experiences, like what’s happened to me in my life so it’s quite personal.”

The singer has been performing since she was 11, but only been doingopen mic nights for a few months. When asked about her supportive family she said: “My mum supports me and my sister and nan do too but I don’t know whether my dad would or not.”

The talent doesn’t stop for Azariah, with an amazing voice, she has also learnt how to play the piano and the guitar from an early age but tends to stick to captivating the audience with the beauty of her acoustic style.

Her music is quite soulful and soft, she said: “There’s always a story behind what I’ve wrote.”

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Maddie Stenberg

Often a big deal is made about how old you are. Oh you’re too young to do this or you’re too old to be doing that. But if you have a dream then who cares?

Maddie Stenberg is just 15 years old and she took to the stage during an the open mic night we went to at LEAF this Tuesday, doing it so effortlessly.

Maddie as she performed

Hearing her sing, you would think she had been performing her whole life. Everything seems to come so naturally. Maddie is an extremely talented young woman and once she opens her mouth to sing, you are mesmerised.

Her dad has supported her every step of the way at the very beginning of her music career, having only started to perform a few months ago in August.
She said: “My dad is great, he will come with me to all my performances. He’s the one that’s got me to do this and really supported me to do it.”

Her father never once took his eyes off his daughter once she took to the stage, proudly watching her perform. Have a look at  the video below!

Maddie is still trying to find her own style of music. However, with influences like Fleetwood Mac and John Mayer being apparent in her original songs, she is sure to find her feet soon. For now, she is sticking with the acoustic style, which she claims the majority of people can relate to and enjoy.

When asked what inspires her to write her lyrics, she said: “I write how I feel and then hopefully it can relate to other people.
I don’t write about certain things, I just write how I feel and then people can relate it to their situation.”

The Formby teenager appeared slightly nervous at first, however once her feet were on that stage all nerves had disappeared. The crowd, like us, fell in love with her performance from the moment she started. Everyone was cheering and clapping by the end, no surprise there. With a voice like that, it’s hard not to.

Take a look at Maddie on her Twitter and YouTube!

If you enjoyed Maddie’s performance let us know! She is sure to perform again soon at the frequent open mic nights around Liverpool.