Mia Wakefield

Usually accompanied by just her guitar or keyboard, Mia Wakefield plays an acoustic style of music that draws in an audience and allows you to sink into a relaxed state of mind and let the world pass by.

Mia stands out from the crowd with her meaningful original songs, bravely baring her voice to an audience supported only by the beautiful riffs of her guitar. However, the Liverpool songwriter is not opposed to the idea of experimenting with different styles.

Discussing the future of her music, she said: “I’d like to add other instruments into my songs and play about with genres! I’d actually love to make a song inspired by Jessie Ware’s soft R’n’B music. I’m also working on a dance track at the minute which is definitely a different sound to the type of music I play!”

Her whole family have supported her decision to pursue a career in music.

She said: ” I was always kind of worried to play my songs to them in case they didn’t like them. They’re the people I want to impress the most and who I want to be proud of me! They saw me play at The Cavern, and saw how much I’d grown since my school performances, and told me they loved it! My sister has been to almost every gig, so I think she’s my biggest fan!”

Studying music in school, Mia was initially rather shy and only performed for assessments. Now, she has been writing her own music and publicly performing for almost a year.

The 20-year-old said: “Overall, I’m probably most proud of ‘Tides’ as it was the first song I wrote that I was impressed with. I wrote it with an aim to use metaphors and create this kind of imagery, so it took a little longer to put together in comparison to my other tunes. It’s a lot of people’s favourite actually, I think it’s because it’s a catchy one! I think it’s one of them tunes that drag you in straight away.”

Take a listen to ‘Tides’ and let us know what you think in the comments section below – Mia has also posted a variety acoustic demo recordings to  her Soundcloud! Check them out!!

The singer-songwriter said: “I haven’t got any big gigs lined up just yet at the minute. But I’m sure you can catch me round town, playing at open mics. I’m trying to find some new venues and play there!”

Mia can often be found around Liverpool in places like The Jacaranda, Leaf (where we came across the talented Maddie Stenberg and reviewed their regular Tuesday open mic night), The Magnet and Ameriesko (where we spotted Sian Richardson and Azariah Hardy playing)

She continued: “I always post on my Facebook music page when I have an upcoming gig, so there’s no excuse not to go!”

To find out more about where you can find Mia performing next, you can follow her on Twitter (@MiaWakefieldXx), Instagram (@miiawakefield) or on Facebook (Mia Wakefield Music)

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Azariah Hardy

Teenager Azariah Hardy took to the stage during an open mic night at Ameriesko, on Bold Street, and blew the audience away. With the support of her friends around her, she was in her element in the spotlight.

This 16 year old offers inspiration to all young musicians around the world to have confidence and believe in themselves. She said: “I don’t have any (influences) I am my own influence if that makes sen case.  I assure to be myself and I take influence off of myself so I don’t feel I should label myself as anyone else, it’s just me, myself.”


Although performing cover songs that night, Azariah often writes her own and is hoping to get a record deal in the near future. When asked about what inspires her to write her own lyrics she said: “Life experiences, like what’s happened to me in my life so it’s quite personal.”

The singer has been performing since she was 11, but only been doingopen mic nights for a few months. When asked about her supportive family she said: “My mum supports me and my sister and nan do too but I don’t know whether my dad would or not.”

The talent doesn’t stop for Azariah, with an amazing voice, she has also learnt how to play the piano and the guitar from an early age but tends to stick to captivating the audience with the beauty of her acoustic style.

Her music is quite soulful and soft, she said: “There’s always a story behind what I’ve wrote.”

Follow Azariah on Instagram at @azariahxx – have you seen her performing at one of her open mic nights? Let us know what you think of her!

Sian Richardson

An old soul in a young body, 17-year-old Sian Richardson made her mark on the open mic circuit of Liverpool last night as she performed at one of Ameriesko’s regular open mic nights.

Sian is an extremely talented young woman and her voice simply captivates you. Hearing her sing, you would think she had been performing her whole life. Everything seems to come so naturally.

She said “I took Music for a GCSE in high school and since then, when I realised that I could sing, I took part in a few shows. I’m quite inexperienced in a way, this is only my second open mic night! I played my first one here too!”

The open mic scene newcomer performed her chilled out set-list flawlessly as she was supported by her friends on the sidelines.

Check out our other videos of Sian performing on our YouTube page!

Ameriesko was the perfect setting, the intimacy of the coffee shop well and truly complemented her style of music. With musical influences such as David Bowie and Lana Del Rey, these vibes are felt strongly in her original songwriting as well as her  choice of cover songs.

The Liverpool Media Academy student said: “It just comes from being a teenager and all the strange and annoying emotions you experience along the way. I’m not going to lie, most of the music I sing can be quite depressing. I prefer to think of it as quite chilled out!”


Follow Sian on Instagram at @sianxrich – have you seen Sian at one of her first open mics? Let us know what you think of her!



Chris Woolf

Ever heard the expression nothing in life comes easy? Or seeing glitter from dust?

This certainly rings true for performer Chris Woolf. Despite many traumas in his past, he turns to music to help him out. With no family there for him, this ‘lone wolf’ supports himself with a part time job and frequently enjoys performing in various open mics like LEAF.

Chris after stepping off stage at LEAF.


When asked where his lyrics come from, he said: “Life tragedy. A lot of it I guess is a way of trying to refrain past events and transform trauma into positivity.”

Chris Woolf enters another world when he performs and takes to the stage with ease. Often with nothing but his guitar to accompany him, he captivates the audience, making them cling onto every word he sings, bringing the folk genre back to life.

With a twinge of old time 1920s jazz, Woolf looks up to successful artists like Bob Dylan and Kurt Cobain. I think it’s safe to say that this man lives and breaths his dream to sing, however, he fears a lot of people may not understand his lyrics.

He said: “A lot of the time with music people don’t get all the lyrics straight away, just because of how things are pronounced phonetically.”

When asked about his music connecting to his fans, he stated: “I’ve always felt people can connect to it musically because I play through feeling rather than shouting chorus sequences.”

This talented performer has been doing what he loves for over 20 years and was playing the saxophone from just 7 years old. However, the style in which he performs now, he has only been experimenting with it this past year. From a very young age, this performer has connected with words. He said: “I liked to read a lot. I was really into poetry and inspiring artists like Bob Dylan so I was really into people who were characters with their music rather than just song writers.”

Chris Woolf is by no doubt going places. With a beautiful voice and ability to play instruments what’s to stop him? He recently got discovered during an open mic event a short while back and is currently in the studio recording an album. His life has definitely started turning a corner. When you want something bad enough you will achieve it and in the words of Bob Dylan “People seldom do what they believe in. They do what is convenient, then repent.”

 Chris’ Soundcloud

Maddie Stenberg

Often a big deal is made about how old you are. Oh you’re too young to do this or you’re too old to be doing that. But if you have a dream then who cares?

Maddie Stenberg is just 15 years old and she took to the stage during an the open mic night we went to at LEAF this Tuesday, doing it so effortlessly.

Maddie as she performed

Hearing her sing, you would think she had been performing her whole life. Everything seems to come so naturally. Maddie is an extremely talented young woman and once she opens her mouth to sing, you are mesmerised.

Her dad has supported her every step of the way at the very beginning of her music career, having only started to perform a few months ago in August.
She said: “My dad is great, he will come with me to all my performances. He’s the one that’s got me to do this and really supported me to do it.”

Her father never once took his eyes off his daughter once she took to the stage, proudly watching her perform. Have a look at  the video below!

Maddie is still trying to find her own style of music. However, with influences like Fleetwood Mac and John Mayer being apparent in her original songs, she is sure to find her feet soon. For now, she is sticking with the acoustic style, which she claims the majority of people can relate to and enjoy.

When asked what inspires her to write her lyrics, she said: “I write how I feel and then hopefully it can relate to other people.
I don’t write about certain things, I just write how I feel and then people can relate it to their situation.”

The Formby teenager appeared slightly nervous at first, however once her feet were on that stage all nerves had disappeared. The crowd, like us, fell in love with her performance from the moment she started. Everyone was cheering and clapping by the end, no surprise there. With a voice like that, it’s hard not to.

Take a look at Maddie on her Twitter and YouTube!

If you enjoyed Maddie’s performance let us know! She is sure to perform again soon at the frequent open mic nights around Liverpool.


Out of the Bedroom: A Liverpool Open Mic Night


Along the cobbles of Bold Street in Liverpool city centre sits LEAF Tea Shop, serving up wholesome food and countless varieties of tea, the relaxed atmosphere allows you to really loosen up enjoy the best in new music.

The Souuse Sounds team attended an open mic night that runs on a weekly basis called “Out of the Bedroom” and give undiscovered artists a chance to showcase their original music.

A spokesperson for LEAF said: “Our music programme is generally of an acoustic and folk genre but we have had the occasional different style pop up every now and then such as Cassette Boy DJ set and Brass Roots for example. The regular Open Mic Night event is held every Tuesday which is run by Johnny Sands, who also does another in-house event called Maison Johnny.”

Nothing beats an evening of live music, especially in Liverpool, a place famed for our love of making music and for sternly supporting our very talented up and coming artists. Out of the Bedroom Open Mic is a perfect example of local talent standing strong, with a packed house and great atmosphere every Tuesday night.

Bring your own instrument and original songs for a chance to perform.

Description of the evening and how to get involved via their website

Aspiring musicians took to the stage for their 15 minutes of fame and preformed three to four original songs in the packed out coffee shop.

The chilled out atmosphere really complimented the acoustic music that filled the air. It was really exciting to look through the packed out seating area and trying to guess who would be getting up to perform, showing that talent really does exist among the general public.

After their performances, we spoke to some of the artists that really caught our eye. Maddie Stenberg really caught our attention as she prepared to perform. Aaliyah went and had a chat with Maddie who, at 15 years old  took to the stage with confidence as she performed her original songs. The interview piece should be on the site soon!

We will no doubt be returning to LEAF next week to sample some more tea and find Merseyside’s next big musician!

LEAF host a variety of music nights, if you’re interested in going to any or even fancy performing there yourself then follow the link below to find out what’s on and when: https://www.thisisleaf.co.uk/listings/#listing-01-03-16

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