Mia Wakefield

Usually accompanied by just her guitar or keyboard, Mia Wakefield plays an acoustic style of music that draws in an audience and allows you to sink into a relaxed state of mind and let the world pass by.

Mia stands out from the crowd with her meaningful original songs, bravely baring her voice to an audience supported only by the beautiful riffs of her guitar. However, the Liverpool songwriter is not opposed to the idea of experimenting with different styles.

Discussing the future of her music, she said: “I’d like to add other instruments into my songs and play about with genres! I’d actually love to make a song inspired by Jessie Ware’s soft R’n’B music. I’m also working on a dance track at the minute which is definitely a different sound to the type of music I play!”

Her whole family have supported her decision to pursue a career in music.

She said: ” I was always kind of worried to play my songs to them in case they didn’t like them. They’re the people I want to impress the most and who I want to be proud of me! They saw me play at The Cavern, and saw how much I’d grown since my school performances, and told me they loved it! My sister has been to almost every gig, so I think she’s my biggest fan!”

Studying music in school, Mia was initially rather shy and only performed for assessments. Now, she has been writing her own music and publicly performing for almost a year.

The 20-year-old said: “Overall, I’m probably most proud of ‘Tides’ as it was the first song I wrote that I was impressed with. I wrote it with an aim to use metaphors and create this kind of imagery, so it took a little longer to put together in comparison to my other tunes. It’s a lot of people’s favourite actually, I think it’s because it’s a catchy one! I think it’s one of them tunes that drag you in straight away.”

Take a listen to ‘Tides’ and let us know what you think in the comments section below – Mia has also posted a variety acoustic demo recordings to  her Soundcloud! Check them out!!

The singer-songwriter said: “I haven’t got any big gigs lined up just yet at the minute. But I’m sure you can catch me round town, playing at open mics. I’m trying to find some new venues and play there!”

Mia can often be found around Liverpool in places like The Jacaranda, Leaf (where we came across the talented Maddie Stenberg and reviewed their regular Tuesday open mic night), The Magnet and Ameriesko (where we spotted Sian Richardson and Azariah Hardy playing)

She continued: “I always post on my Facebook music page when I have an upcoming gig, so there’s no excuse not to go!”

To find out more about where you can find Mia performing next, you can follow her on Twitter (@MiaWakefieldXx), Instagram (@miiawakefield) or on Facebook (Mia Wakefield Music)

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