Cal Ruddy

It was an ordinary Sunday night, until Cal Ruddy hit the stage.

Performing at the Arts Club, Cal represented the best that the Merseyside has to offer by supporting Mike Dignam on his UK tour.

Cal doing what he does best

Stepping on to the stage, the Wirral singer entered his own world by performing in his “folk, blues, 90’s rock and 2000’s indie” style of music.

A weird combination some may say, however, Cal admits “I get asked how I would describe my music all the time and you know what? I don’t actually have an definite answer to it.”

Regardless, the atmosphere in the crowd was that of any record-signed band, with the audience clapping and singing along with Cal’s self-written songs. It’s clear to see throughout his performance that one of the city’s leading celebrities is an inspiration to Cal. With his head flicks and care-free facial expressions, aspects of Sir Paul McCartney’s stage presence shine through.

The 20-year-old continued to say: “I take influence from all genres and types of music and that comes through in my song-writing process. It’s all thrown in and mashed up with a big wooden spoon, so it’s definitely a mixed bag.”

In the last couple of months, Cal hasn’t performed as often as he’d have liked to as a result of health issues.

He said: “I’ve had to make a few lifestyle choices for the benefit of my music but I’m already reaping the rewards of that and I can notice my voice improving in power and quality each time I sing.”

When asked what it meant for him to be able to perform in Liverpool he said: “I’m very proud to be a part of the cities music scene. There are some quality venues to play in this city and they do wonders for unsigned artists. There’s a constant reminder of Liverpool’s musical history all around the city and I really embrace that as a big fan of the Beatles and similar acts from the Merseybeat era.”

Speaking directly to those who have supported his music so far, he said: “Thanks to anyone who’s ever believed in me, it means the absolute world to know people have my back and watch this space the best is yet to come!”

To see more of Cal’s work, you can use his Twitter handle (@Cal_Ruddy) or access his recorded tracks and playlists on Soundcloud.

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