Out of the Bedroom: A Liverpool Open Mic Night


Along the cobbles of Bold Street in Liverpool city centre sits LEAF Tea Shop, serving up wholesome food and countless varieties of tea, the relaxed atmosphere allows you to really loosen up enjoy the best in new music.

The Souuse Sounds team attended an open mic night that runs on a weekly basis called “Out of the Bedroom” and give undiscovered artists a chance to showcase their original music.

A spokesperson for LEAF said: “Our music programme is generally of an acoustic and folk genre but we have had the occasional different style pop up every now and then such as Cassette Boy DJ set and Brass Roots for example. The regular Open Mic Night event is held every Tuesday which is run by Johnny Sands, who also does another in-house event called Maison Johnny.”

Nothing beats an evening of live music, especially in Liverpool, a place famed for our love of making music and for sternly supporting our very talented up and coming artists. Out of the Bedroom Open Mic is a perfect example of local talent standing strong, with a packed house and great atmosphere every Tuesday night.

Bring your own instrument and original songs for a chance to perform.

Description of the evening and how to get involved via their website

Aspiring musicians took to the stage for their 15 minutes of fame and preformed three to four original songs in the packed out coffee shop.

The chilled out atmosphere really complimented the acoustic music that filled the air. It was really exciting to look through the packed out seating area and trying to guess who would be getting up to perform, showing that talent really does exist among the general public.

After their performances, we spoke to some of the artists that really caught our eye. Maddie Stenberg really caught our attention as she prepared to perform. Aaliyah went and had a chat with Maddie who, at 15 years old  took to the stage with confidence as she performed her original songs. The interview piece should be on the site soon!

We will no doubt be returning to LEAF next week to sample some more tea and find Merseyside’s next big musician!

LEAF host a variety of music nights, if you’re interested in going to any or even fancy performing there yourself then follow the link below to find out what’s on and when: https://www.thisisleaf.co.uk/listings/#listing-01-03-16

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