About us!

We are five second year Journalism students at Liverpool John Moores with one thing in common… A passion for music.

We will be going to different gigs around Liverpool to find some new and undiscovered talent that we think you will really like. So before we set off on this journey, you will have to get to know us first!

L-R: Matthew, Savannah, Aaliyah, Nicole, Andrew.




Aaliyah Rugg:

I’m the scouse one. Born and bred with Liverpudlian charm! I know you can’t pronounce my name, but most people can’t! Bonus points to you if you get it right first time!

My music taste has no bounds really. A personal favourite of mine is ABBA, that never gets old! And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a bit of Justin Bieber?!


Andrew Nuttall:

I’m the guy who uses to much hair gel. Living in Runcorn, just outside Liverpool (I’m not one of those people who claim to be from Liverpool out of shame!)

I like more mainstream yet alternative bands such as Coldplay, Kings of Leon and the Kaiser Chiefs.



Matthew Noonan:

I’m the wannabe scouser. I’ll admit to being from Chester (but Liverpool is like a second home to me, so I’m practically a scouser!)

I like variety in my music but a few artists I like to listen to are Years and Years, David Bowie (a classic!) and Adele.


IMG_2694[1]Nicole Quinn:

I’m the Irish one of the group, a lover of potatoes and the colour green (as is standard in Ireland!).

I love pop music so, as you can guess, my favourite ever place in Liverpool is Popworld! My favourite song at the minute is One Direction’s “History”. When it comes on, I sing my heart out like there’s no tomorrow.



Savannah Wylde:

I represent the Wirral and present a show on our student station, Loopervil Radio. My music tastes made me an obvious choice for Music Editor and I am in charge of making the weekly playlist that goes out live for the show.

I love listening to David Bowie and The Script.



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