Karen Turley

Born and raised in Northern Ireland, Karen Turley has made herself at home in Liverpool.

The 27 year old accidentally discovered music was something she wanted to pursue.Karen started playing guitar at the age of 15 and a couple of years later began singing in her hometown of Omagh.

She said: “I had never really sang before other than being in the school choir so it was great to accidentally find a hobby I really enjoyed. I started writing my own stuff when I was around 19 and a few years later I realised I wanted to be a singer-songwriter.”

Karen says she struggles to put her music into one genre, she said: “I would call it Americana, as it isn’t quite country music. It is a mix of Folk, Country, Bluegrass and Roots music.”

Karen Turley-Liverpool Acoustic Festival
Karen Turley at the Liverpool Acoustic Festival in March.

When it comes to finding inspiration to write songs, Karen said: “I write about things that are happening in my own life, with people I know. I’m always on the look out for a good lyric and write it down in my phone so I can come back to it later. I get inspired by other artists quite a lot, especially people I see live.”

She added: “I love Singer Songwriters like KT Tunstall, Brandi Carlile because they just do their thing and don’t worry about pleasing people or sticking to one genre. Americana bands like First Aid Kit The Lumineers as well.”

It won’t be long until we can hear more of Karen’s original music. She said: “I am actually in the process of launching a PledgeMusic campaign very soon so that I can record a new five track EP of brand new songs. So I am excited and nervous about that!”

Karen couldn’t choose just one favourite song, however, she said: “I have a song called ‘The Mountains’ which seems so simple to me but people really like it and I love singing it.”

It’s not only Northern Ireland and Liverpool where Karen has made her music mark, last year Karen won a songwriting competition and got to travel to Nashville and perform in The Bluebird Café. She said: “I got to stay there for a week and write with Grammy winning artists. That was a crazy, inspiring experience and I still can’t believe I did it.”

Karen’s family have been very supportive of her music career, she said: “I am very lucky that my family have encouraged me to do what I enjoy doing and we have similar musical tastes so they love coming to hear me perform.”

Karen performs every Monday at The Irish House on Ranelagh Street in Liverpool from 9pm-11pm at . Get in touch with us if you have seen Karen live-we’d love to hear what you think.

Karen’s music can be found on her Soundcloud.

You can also give Karen a follow on her social media:
Karen’s Facebook page
Karen’s Twitter

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