Jamie Wooding

Jamie Wooding doing what he does best in Liverpool City Centre.

Singer-songwriter, Jamie Wooding is hoping to release his debut EP by the end of May this year.

The 16-year-old college student aspires to be as big as some of his idols including Ed Sheeran, James Bay and even Justin Bieber.

Sticking to busking for now, Jamie braved the cold weather and took to Clayton Square in Liverpool on Sunday to sing some covers as people took time out of their days to stop and have a listen.

Jamie said: “I’ve been singing since I was a baby, at about two years old I started singing in the car and I started playing the guitar about seven years ago now.”

Someone who has been a big influence for Jamie is his Dad and manager Ste. Jamie said: “My dad comes with me everywhere, he played the guitar and taught me how to play. Not really anyone else in my family is musical, so after my dad taught me how to play guitar I started to learn stuff from the internet and went from there.”

His dad added: “I’ve always let him do what he wants to do and at the end of the day he’s getting his own influences.”

When it comes to writing his own material, Jamie said he writes about anything that catches his attention. He said: “If I see something outside that makes me stop, I’ll try and write something about it.”

“I mostly start writing with a chorus, it’s a weird way to write but I write the chorus then go back from there. I’m in the middle of writing a song called ‘What The Future Holds.’ That’s an option for the EP title.”

His dad said the songs he has heard so far are extremely catchy. He said: “Once you’ve heard them, you’ll walk away and you’ll be singing, whistling or humming thinking where have I heard that? Then I’d realise.”

Jamie doesn’t have any regular gig slots at the minute, but it looks like he’s going to have a busy few months ahead. Keep up to date with Jamie on Twitter for all the latest and keep an ear out if you see him busking.

Jamie’s Twitter

Ste’s Twitter

Youtube Covers

Nicole’s videos of Jamie busking.






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